PVC Vinyl Spaced Picked Fence

Product Details

PVC Vinyl Spaced Picked Fence

Product Name: PVC fence, PVC vinyl fence, vinyl picket fence, spaced picked fence

The full name of PVC fence is PVC plastic-steel fence. “Plastic steel” is named after its structure. The only disadvantage of plastic as fence is its low stiffness, therefore, structural steel is applied based on wind load to reinforce the plastic components so as to make up the defects of plastic, thus it is called plastic steel fence.

Color: green, red, blue, black, white, yellow, gray, etc.

Main application: fence for urban road, landscaping and farm.

Product advantages

1. Paint-free and maintenance-free, our products can always remain as new, thus the composite cost will be saved.

2. By using patented inserting connection method or proprietary connective component for installation, both the manufacture and installation process turn to be simple, which can greatly improve the installation efficiency.

3. Our products cover various styles and specifications and follow closely to the current fashion, which is not only practical for use but also graceful and modern for decoration.

4.  Our products are safe and environmental friendly to people and animals, and will not hurt others like iron fence when unintentionally touched.

5. The inner chamber is reinforced by galvanized line steel or aluminium alloy to ensure the strength and shock resistance ability, which offered the PVC fence both the strength of steel and the artistic appearance of PVC.

6. By adopting special formula and ultraviolet light absorber, our product will never fade in color, yellowing, peeling, cracking, blistering, or damaged by worm, thus it is ensured for a 30 years service life.

Product specification


PVC fence

Stand column


Cross bar


Upright bar






Note: Other special requirements are available.





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