Palisade Fence Panels

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Palisade Fencepanels

Product name: Zinc steel fence, Ornamental fence, Palisade fence, Palisade fence panels,

Palisade fence (zinc steel fence) is made up of zinc alloy materials. It is widely used in residential areas due to its high strength, high hardness, attractive appearance, bright color, etc.

Surface treatment: dip coating, spray plastic, galvanization

Color: green, red, blue, black, white, yellow, grey, etc.

Main application: It is mainly used as safety protection in residential areas, industries and schools, roads.

Product advantages

1. By using high-frequency welding technique, galvanized steel in different specifications made of hot-dip galvanizing steel strips are welded to be smooth and hard zinc steel base material.

2. On the surface of zinc galvanized steel tube, the content of zinc can reach to 60-80mm/?, so it is rust resistance in 3-5 years under room temperature.

3. Zinc steel products are made of intensive processed galvanized steel tube.

Technological process of zinc steel fence: machining ? chemical processing (deoiling ? deashing ? nanometer vitrification ? inactivating) ? electrostatic spraying ? solidification (220? enamel imitating solidification)

Above processes can ensure a 20 years rust-free service.

4. The biggest advantage of zinc steel products is welding free. Accessories made of zinc steel can perfectly match tubular products, so as to achieve a unification of beauty and hardness, and meet the standard of American Association of Fence.

5. The surface of our products is powder sprayed. Artistic appearance, free collocation of colors, non-welded cross combination, super protective function and self-clean capacity make our products truly environment-friendly life products.  

Product specification


Zinc Steel Fence (Palisade fence)

Stand column


Cross bar


Upright tube






Note: Other special orders are available.




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