Perforated Punched Stainless Steel Plate with Round Holes

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Through independent research and development, we innovated a series of Galvanized wire, PVC vinyl fenceds, Welded wire mesh fence with independent intellectual property rights. With the continuous development of business, our company will continue to establish sales branches in order to increase the market development. Merchandise have been exported to mant international markets. We have established many years of cooperative relations with many companies at home and have close and friendly business contacts with companies abroad. Your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated.

Product name: Punching/ punched round hole net, 1/4 punched plate, Punching hole mesh, Punched plate, Punched mesh

There are different shapes of holes on punched mesh to meet different needs. It can be used as noise abatement screen for public transportation facilities such as highways, railways, subways that pass across the city, or be used as sound insulation and noise reducing board on architecture, generator room, industrial building and other noise sources.  

Material: Stainless steel, mild steel plate, galvanizing PVC cold rolling coil, etc.

Classification: Punched mesh with patterns, molding punched mesh, extra thick punched mesh, extra thin punched mesh, micropore punched mesh, wire cut punched mesh, laser punched mesh, etc.

Specification: Rectangular hole, square hole, rhombus hole, round hole, oblong hole, hex hole, cross hole, triangular hole, kidney shape hole, plum blossom hole, scalelike hole, pattern hole, inverted ā€œVā€ hole, zig-zag hole, pentacle hole, irregular hole, bulk hold, special shape hole, window-shades hole, etc.

1. Thickness of coiled plate: 0.2mm-1mm;  

Length: 20m

2. Wire diameter: 1.5mm-10mm

3. Thickness of expanded plate: 0.2mm-20mm  

Width*length: =1.5m*5m

4. Wire diameter: 0.5mm-200mm




For the future,we will keep devoting ourselves to improve our technologies and Perforated Punched Stainless Steel Plate with Round Holes. Look forward to long-term cooperation and mutual benefits! We continue to promote the reform of the technological innovation system and the transformation and upgrading of the industry.
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