Expanded Metal Stretch Building Protection Decorative Wire Mesh Rolled Fences

Product Details
We insist on user-centered, adapt to new changes in the demand for equipment and technology, and develop high-tech 304 Stainless steel wire mesh, Punched meshds, Cattle fenceds for the market. We grasp market development trends and adapt to market competition to increase our industry competitiveness. We cooperate with an open mind and take advantage of various market conditions to maximize the value of our cooperation. Pioneering and innovation is the soul of enterprise development. Therefore, we realize all-staff innovation through extensive communication activities and reasonable staff suggestions. Since its establishment, every step of our company's development has been continuously leading the times with strong internal motivation and innovation.

Vinyl PVC Coated & Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh Fence

Product name: Vinyl PVC coated & galvanized welded wire mesh fence, expanded wire fence, punching hole meshes fence, fencing wire mesh, metal mesh fencing, curvy welded fence

Vinyl PVC coated & galvanized welded wire mesh fence: It is welded with find mild steel wire, galvanized wire, and stainless steel wire.

Expanded wire fence: It is punched with high-quality steel plate.

Surface treatment: dip coating, spraying plastic, galvanization

Color: green, red, blue, black, white, yellow, grey, etc.

Main application: It is widely used as antidinic fence on highways, city roads, military barracks, national boundary, parks, buildings and villas, residential areas, sports fields, airports and green belts for separation and protection.

Product advantages

1. Artistic, practical, easy for transportation and installation.

2. Adaptable to different landforms, the link point to stand column can be adjusted based on the land condition.

3. Firm welding, uniform loops, smooth mesh, high strength, corrosion resistance, strong braced force.

Product specification


Vinyl PVC coated & galvanized welded wire mesh fence, expanded wire fence

Stand column




Wire diameter








Note: Special orders are available.




Competitive Price for Expanded Metal Stretch Building Protection Decorative Wire Mesh Rolled Fences. 'Create Values, Serving Customer!' is the aim we pursue. With the further deepening of the construction of market economy, our company has also set new goals and requirements for itself.
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