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Wire Mesh Fence Lower Economic Costs, More Affordable

Jun 27, 2017

Wire Mesh Fence manufacturers: in the aquaculture industry, often use the fence as the protection of the use of the periphery, when it comes to aquarium fence with a common impression - green barbed wire, everyone for the product This is just a superficial impression, In fact, there are many kinds of culture fence specifications or more, today on a brief introduction.

Aquaculture fence is generally the use of low-carbon steel wire welding, the surface after the dipping treatment, the product in the protective capacity of the above quite solid, in appearance more beautiful and generous, the use of the breeding industry which also gave a more transparent livestock Wide living environment, at the same time compared with the original brick wall, lower economic costs, more affordable, then the breeding of the fence with the general specifications which can choose? Can be divided into the following several styles.

The first kind of roll mesh style, height from 1 meter to 2 meters between the choice of wire diameter generally from 200 to 300 silk, length of 30 meters, with the column for use, and this volume is also known as the Dutch net, the Netherlands fence, the specific specifications of choice, according to the actual breeding situation to set, the size of the mesh, the thickness of the wire diameter, can be adjusted according to requirements;

The second mesh style, the general specifications for the 1.8 * 3 m for a set of wire diameter from 350 to 500 wire between the column installation is divided into embedded and chassis installation of two, the mesh can be from 5-20 cm To choose between the same time the wire diameter can also be adjusted accordingly, the surface is also through the dipping treatment, in the life of the above can guarantee more than ten years, in this style on the basis of, you can also choose mesh plus border style , Similar to the highway on both sides of the use of the fence, the same specifications;

The above two specifications for the breeding of the most commonly used specifications, from the use and economic costs above, relatively reasonable, but the product is not immutable, if the above two products are not for you, we can also according to your request Custom.

Wire Mesh Fence material - features - use three aspects of a simple explanation

1. Material: low carbon steel wire, galvanized wire, galvanized to improve the wire.

Features: Wire Mesh Fence with high-quality low-carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire welded; divided into hot-dip galvanized, electro-galvanized, PVC coated, impregnated, special fence; has a strong anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation characteristics.

3. Uses: Wire Mesh Fence is widely used in industry, agriculture, construction, transportation, mining, golf course, lawn, aquaculture and other sectors of the fence, decoration, mechanical protection.

Customers often ask the Wire Mesh Fence prices will ask a question is, "your package construction?" Below the Hebei fence factory technology to tell you how the construction of the fence.

1. Measure the lofting: according to the design requirements and the actual terrain, the situation of the ground for the construction of lofting, set the column center line, according to the provisions of the slope and linear installation fence.

2. Column fixed section, with the expansion of the two ends of the fixed column, from the vertical view, the axis of the column in a straight line, there should be no uneven phenomenon; from the height, the top of the column smooth, should not appear rugged Except for special terrain.

3. The installation process must ensure the stability of the column, and closely connected to the base of the column installation and installation of the small line of flatness detection process, part of the adjustment to ensure that the straight line and curve section, in accordance with the requirements of the design drawings fixed. In the latter part of the construction, the supervision engineer to the column for a high degree of detection, as well as the stability of the connection and stability of the test, in accordance with the requirements of the requirements, before construction.