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Welded Wire Mesh Heat Resistance And Corrosion Resistance

Jul 13, 2017

The wire is a metal wire welding material used as a filler metal or as a conductor at the same time. The surface of the wire is not coated with an anti-oxidation flux. In addition, the choice of Welded Wire Mesh is based on the type of welding steel, welding construction conditions, cost and so on to consider the comprehensive factors, the following is the selection of wire points:

1. First of all, according to the welded steel structure selection of Welded Wire Mesh, for those heat-resistant steel and weathering steel, mainly in the weld metal and the parent metal chemical composition of the same or similar, in order to meet the heat resistance and corrosion resistance and other aspects Claim

2. Second, according to the quality requirements of the parts to be welded, especially the impact toughness, the choice of Welded Wire Mesh and welding conditions, broken shape, protective gas mixing ratio and other process conditions, to ensure that the performance of welding joints under the premise of choice To achieve the maximum welding efficiency and reduce welding costs of welding materials

3. Finally, according to the welding position, corresponding to the thickness of the workpiece to be welded to choose the diameter of the wire used to determine the current value used, refer to the production plant product information and experience, select the welding position and the use of current Welded Wire Mesh grades

4. Welding process performance generally includes the stability of the arc, Feijian particle size and quantity, slagging, weld appearance and shape, and so on. For the carbon steel and low alloy steel welding, mainly based on the welding process performance selection welding methods and welding materials

The technical requirements of the wire are multifaceted, and there are clear provisions in the relevant standards. The main contents include:

(1) Welded Wire Mesh or dissolved metal chemical composition, mechanical properties should meet the requirements of the standard.

(2) The diameter deviation of the wire shall not be greater than the permissible range.

(3) the surface quality of the Welded Wire Mesh should meet the requirements. Such as the surface of the wire should be uniform and smooth, no burrs, scratches, sags, cracks, rust, oxide and other defects affecting the welding performance.

(4) The flux of the flux cored wire should be evenly distributed to ensure that it is suitable for continuous and continuous feeding on automatic and semi-automatic welding equipment. In addition, should also be based on different varieties of wire for a number of test checks, such as ray detection, fillet weld process test, equipment, adaptability test.