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SNS Protective Mesh The Field Of Protection Has Been Widely Used

Jul 13, 2017

What is the characteristics of this SNS Protective Mesh Protective Mesh? We would like to know, SNS Protective Mesh Protective Mesh is characterized by passive protection to rock and stone with the impact of kinetic energy as a comprehensive parameter as the most important design parameters, to avoid the traditional structural design The load is difficult to determine when the load is the main design parameter, and the quantitative design of the structure is realized. At the same time, because of the obvious flexibility of the system, it can block the high energy lump of stone and realize The structure of the light, fully embodies the idea of flexible protection. What is his use? SNS Protective Mesh Protective Mesh used commonly used in slope collapse, weathered off, slump, slippery or slumping geological disaster reinforcement protection, its obvious (TECCO-65 grille) to support the flexible mesh part by means of the support wire and the suture tension (wire rope or wire grid) or the prestressed anchor (TECCO-65 grille) Tension, so as to form a continuous support for the entire slope, the pre-tensioning operation so that the system as close as possible to the slope, and the formation of inhibition of local rock and soil movement Or in the event of local displacement or damage will be bound (stranded) in situ near the prestress, in order to achieve its active protection (reinforcement) function.

SNS Protective Mesh (SafetyNetting System) system is a high-strength flexible network (wire rope net, ring network, high-strength steel wire grille) as the main component, and to cover (active protection) and interception (passive protection) two basic types to control the Such as geological disasters and avalanches, bank erosion, blasting fly stone, falling objects and other hazards of the new flexible protective structure, it is a set of component design and processing, system configuration design and stereotypes, the scene Design selection, site layout and construction design of the system technology. Its passive protection system was developed in 1956 and first applied to avalanche protection, through continuous practice and exploration, the technology in the field of slope protection has been more widely used to form a slope of geological disaster prevention and control engineering The new type of flexible protection technology is also diversified, serialized and standardized, and it is widely used in slope safety protection, especially in the field of falling rock fall protection.

Based on the above guiding ideology, from the protection principle and protection purposes, SNS Protective Mesh system is divided into active protection and passive protection system two categories. The active protection system is covered or wrapped in various types of flexible webs mainly made of wire rope or TECCO® high strength steel gratings on slopes or dangers to be protected to limit the weathering peeling or destruction of slope rock and soil and dangerous rock Collapse (reinforcement), or rock control in a certain range of movement (enclosure); then a function should be attributed to the passive protection, but in the SNS Protective Mesh system because of its structural form and the role of reinforcement from the active protection system Similar to, so for the convenience of narrative and classification, will be classified as active protection, and the two can be called the standard active protection and the main - passive protection and to distinguish between the main - passive protection system when covering the blasting excavation work Surface, they formed to prevent blasting flying stone hazards of flexible safety protection system. Passive protection system is to wire rope or ring network-based flexible fence set at a certain location on the slope, used to intercept the slope of the roller (or falling objects) to avoid damage to the object to be protected, it is also known as When set in the debris flow area, can be formed to intercept the debris flow within the solid large particles of flexible grille dam.