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SNS Protective Mesh Slope Protection And Environmental Protection Purposes

Aug 03, 2017

SNS Protective Mesh

It is to avoid theSNS Protective Mesh, then what is the result of the landslide it, that is, the loss of soil, the lack of vegetation and plants. As long as the use ofSNS Protective Mesh can avoid the loss of soil, you can consolidate this! Because it is covered in the mountain surface, you can confine the soil, and then promote the growth of plants, the slope of the ecological environment has a great help!

Want to know how to protect the effect of what is the first thing to know what it is. The flexible protective net with galvanized high strength steel wire rope as the main material has the advantages of high toughness, high protection strength and easy spreading. Active protection system through several slope protection project field test and contrast, with any slope to adapt to the terrain, the installation process standardization, system and so on.

Rockfall protection system using high-strength galvanized steel wire rope, steel mesh, not less than AB-class anti-corrosion treatment, the protection of life according to different environmental conditions up to 30-50 years. Mainly on the slope of the potential expansion of the potential to reduce the risk of falling rocky slope to control, criss-cross Φ16 support rope, according to the slope (4.5X4.5m or 4.8X4.8m) square pattern layout cabinet, and with 4X4m Of the active network with a suture rope for pre-tensioning, so that the system on the slope of a certain direction to preload pressure, thereby enhancing the stability of dangerous rock, to prevent the occurrence of rock.

There are no special requirements on the slope shape of the slope protection, which does not destroy and change the original landform and vegetation growth conditions of the slope. The open characteristics of the rock cover have the necessary conditions for the subsequent or future conditions and the implementation of artificial slope greening,special requirements Green plants can grow freely in their open spaces, and the solid soil effects of plant roots are integrated with slope protection systems to suppress slope damage and soil erosion, which in turn protects topography and slope vegetation, Good slope protection and environmental protection purposes.

Due to the complexity of the geological conditions of the highway and the construction of the road when the artificial slope of the construction of a number of different levels of dangerous rock body, these dangerous rock after decades of rock weathering, often resulting in collapse of the block, the past tourists and vehicles Of the safety caused by a serious threat, so the slope must be reinforced control. As the reinforcement section slope is located in the scenic area, if the use of conventional concrete anchor spray method will destroy the original slope shape and ecological environment, seriously affect the overall natural environment of the road.

In order to achieve both the reinforcement of the slope and protect the original ecological environment and the natural environment of the purpose of the Road Traffic Bureau cited the international advanced SNS flexible protective net technology. So we recommend to the successful slope protection network, good quality and protection.

SNS passive protective net for the construction site of the protective network, the main use of wire rope or ring network, steel columns, bolts, support rope,special requirements pull rope, decompression ring in the field construction, the specific construction steps include the following: (1 ) Measure the payout line to determine the position of the steel column and the cable hole, drilling and clearing the hole. (2) into the hole into the mortar and insert the bolt, the hole should ensure that the slurry is full. (3) steel column concrete foundation pouring. (4) Install the steel column on the basis of the concrete and tighten the steel column and the anchor with the pull rope, and suspend the pressure reducing ring according to the specifications. (5) Install the fastening upper and lower support brackets between adjacent steel columns and suspend the pressure reducing ring according to the specifications. (6) through the suture rope suture support rope and wire rope net or ring network. To intercept the small pieces of rock fall, in the wire rope or ring network inside a layer of steel grille.