Galvanized crimped wire mesh

Product Details

Product name: Steel galvanized Crimped Wire Mesh, Crimped square stainless steel wire mesh, Crimped Wire Mesh, Square wire mesh, Galvanized crimped wire mesh, Crimped Mesh, stainless steel mesh

Crimped wire mesh is a widely used mesh product which is embossed by cotton gin and weaved with different metal wires as square-looped mesh by new netting machine.

Based on different materials, crimped wire mesh can be classified as iron wire crimped mesh, galvanized crimped wire mesh, white steel crimped mesh, black steel crimped mesh, stainless steel crimped mesh, steel wire rod crimped mesh, and copper-clad steel crimped mesh. According to different functions, it includes crimped mesh griddle, crimped mesh for raising pigs, BBQ crimped mesh, granary crimped mesh, and crimped mesh for decoration. On the basis of different forms, the following mesh can be found: crimped knot mesh, crimped mesh with wrapped edge, and crimped mesh board.

Material: stainless steel wire, iron wire, black steel wire, lead wire, white wire, brass wire, copper wire, and other nonferrous metal wires.




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