Stainless steel screen

Product Details

Product Name: Green window screen, Stainless steel screen, Window screen

Material: Glass fiber, PVC

Technology: Single wire plastic coating, plain weaving, heating, and design finalizing.

Application: It can be installed on top-grade office building, residential building and other architectures, livestock farms, and gardens as the best insects-proof product.

A. Rat-proof: With high strength and tenacity, it can prevent rats sneaking into room and avoid series of sanitation problems.

B. Insects-proof: Except for prevent common insects, it can also shield hessian flies in damp area.

C. It is not only eye-catching, but also more permeable to air and light compared with general nylon window screening.

Loop size: 14x14, 16x16, 18x16

Width: 0.6-2.7m.

Color: White, black, grey, grey and white (vertical wire is grey, horizontal wire is white), green.

Weight: Around 120g/?

Package: Brown paper inside and woven bag outside

Window screen are plain weaved, and has good air permeability and light admitting quality, which is the best substitute goods of common nylon window screen in China. With good quality and wide usage, it is often considered as the first choice of protective product for top-grade office buildings, residential buildings or other architectures, animal farms and gardens.

By adopting electrostatic plastic spraying process, stainless steel window screen will have a great rust-proof and breakage-proof capability. According to test, its impact resistance ability can reach to 2.148 ton, the shear resistance and breakage-proof capability is even stronger.

Product feature: Plain on mesh, it has standard loop number. The angles of vertical and horizontal wire are uniform, the whole screen is hard as iron plate, which makes it became the first choice for constructing a cozy and secure living or working place. 

Size: 11 bundles*0.8mm, 12 bundles*0.7mm, 14 bundles*0.6mm, 14 bundles*0.55mm, 14 bundles*0.5mm

Screen size: 1500mm*3000mm, 1300mm*2600mm, 1200mm*2000mm, 1200mm*2400mm, 1000*2400mm, 900mm*2000mm, 900mm*2400mm, 750mm*2000mm, 750mm*2400mm

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